Comino Grando Solutions

Grando — enterprise liquid cooled solutions for data center

water block

Deformational cutting technology to produce copper plates.
Knowledge and metrology of identifying the most critical points of heat.

  • Up to 3kW heating from 1 block
  • The price is for one "Ready to install" water block capable of housing 8 GPU or FPGA boards starts from €799 (No VAT included)*. GPU or FPGA boards are not included.
  • Minimum amount to order is 10 KITs
u block

Grando U block

Universal liquid cooled server platform
  • 1 block contains 2 Grando GPU water blocks with 8 GPU
    or FPGA cards each (16 Total)
  • Basic configuration
    • 1 Motherboard ASUS B250 Mining Edition
    • 1x Intel Celeron processor, 2GB DDR
    • 4x 750W PSU (Modified for 24\7 work)
    • Quick decoupling liquid-cooling fittings for easy maintenance
    • Comino high-end PCIe riser
  • U Block can be used for many types of GPU or FPGA or ASICs boards,
    easy to upgrade and support
  • Any component could be changed according to customer requirements*
    The price for 1 Server Platform starts from 2999€. No GPUs or FPGAs included
  • Price for installation parts (external pipings, pumpings, fittings)
    up to 10 meters starts from 1000€ per 1 Grando U Block
    Upper 30 kW Installation KIT is available

Grando Rack

Universal liquid cooled cabinet
  • Standard 42U can host up to 10 Grando U Blocks or any other servers
  • Compatible with any Air or Water cooling solutions.
    Power up to 30 kW. Flow rate up to 120 l/h
  • The Rack equipped with necessary pump, liquid and heat exchanger,
    pipings and fittings (ready to connect to customer’s infrastructure)
  • 30 kW power
  • The price starts from €32,999 (including 10 GRANDO U BLOCK)

Comino Grando

Universal mobile data center
for liquid cooled solutions

Equipped with all infrastructure. (Power Distribution, Heat Exchanger, etc. “ready to connect”).

Detailed specification available
upon request.

  • Can host up to 14 Grando Racks
    (140 Grando U Blocks, 2240 GPU or FPGA)
    or any other Liquid Cooled systems.
  • Can operate in conditions from -30 to +50
    Celsius outside. Total power is up to 500 kW.
    Flow rate is up to 2000 l/h
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infrastructure kit

€250 per 1kW

(Installation and Run)

  • Technical requirements — FREE
    (Clients own components and installation)
  • Pre-built kit including
    • External pipings (Up to 20 meters to Infrastructure)
    • Pumps
    • Drycooler
    • Fittings
    • Installation and start-up
  • €250 per 1 kW. Minimum amount to order is 30 kW
energia image

Comino Energia

Compact yet high-powered psu CRPS

94% Efficiency 1,6 kW CRPS

  • Works as long as 5X retail PSU
  • Compatibility with any 12V device like ASIC or others
  • Reliable — Server-oriented, engineered to work 24/7
  • Overvoltage, overcurrent, overtemperature protection
  • The price starts from €299 and includes 1 PSU CRPS (excl. VAT plus shipping)
  • The price for power distribution bus starts from €99 (excl. VAT plus shipping)

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