Сomino Grando - liquid-cooled computing solution with heat recovery.

World's best high performance liquid-cooled multi-GPU workstation/server

Engineered, not assembled

  • Whisper quiet — twice as silent as any similar air-cooled solution
  • Highly reliable — top quality, low maintenance, easy to use design
  • Focused power — AI training, Rendering, Simulation, Virtual production and more
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Comino’s Remote Monitoring System allows to collect cooling system logs offline to analyze device usage history, log failure events and to monitor the temperature statistic. WEB based GUI allows you to inspect several devices remotely. The monitoring system increases system availability.

Comino Heartex

Comino Grando
Password Recovery

Ultra-compact liquid-cooled GPU accelerated massive parallel processing and computation.

Comino password recovery facts

140k Passwords/sec in Office 2013 - 2019 with Passware. The outcome varies from software to software, but always stays on top of the competition.

10% More performance compared to similar air-cooled systems. Better cooling means less mistakes made by the chip which equals in more things done right.

6 GPU 6x Nvidia RTX 3080 in top Grando configuration. 4x Nvidia RTX 3080 and 6x RTX 3080 options available for Grando.

PUE Operate with Power Utilization Effectiveness (PUE) < 1,05. The less PUE number is, the more efficient the system is. Efficiency saves money.


Designed and built for serious work

Top of the line solution for password recovery

Comino produces high-end performance systems, based on the quality components, provided by world’s top manufacturers. Each system is made to be the leader in its class, showing unmatched performance in password recovery.

Confidence and stability. Results delivered

We don’t just liquid-cool chips, like many other manufacturers do. We liquid-cool all the critical components, such as CPU, GPU, and GPU-related components, allowing them to operate in comfortable conditions, which results in long life of our devices. When it comes to quality builds, look no further.

Silently outperforms any similar air-cooled solution

We work closely with manufacturers of every component which we use in our devices, to fine-tune the system for the high performance, silent operation, low power consumption and PUE ratio < 1,05. Simply saying, our systems are fast, silent and effective.

Easy upgrade & Simple maintenance

Whenever you want to upgrade the system, just replace the GPU blade — and continue to use the rest of the infrastructure, avoiding any additional expenses. Comino Grando is designed around quick disconnect couplings and modular approach, providing you easy access to any node in the system and significantly reducing modernization costs.

Low power consumption

Low power consumption compared to traditional air cooling. Comino Grando spends less energy on maintaining the system's temperature, effectively reducing your electricity costs.


The integrated Comino liquid cooling system with the independent controller, allows Comino Grando to operate safely in any climate, at any time of the year.


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DPR 3080-FT/6

145,500 Passwords/sec

Product overview

Video cards 6x GeForce 3080 RTX

Noise level < 70 dB

Power Consumption ~2.5 kW

Comino DPR 3080-FT/6

DPR 3080-FT/4

97,000 Passwords/sec

Product overview

Video cards 4x GeForce 3080 RTX

Noise level < 50 dB

Power Consumption ~1.7 kW

Comino DPR 3080-FT/4

Passware Forensic Kit 2022 v1 benchmark results

DPR 3080-FT/4

DPR 3080-FT/6

MS Office 2010
671 500
840 000
MS Office 2013+
97 800
140 000
macOS / FileVault2 / APFS
68 300
102 500
Apple iTunes Backup / iOS 10.x
1 280
1 900
RAR 5.x Archive
396 000
580 000
MS Windows / BitLocker
14 000
20 000

Hashcat 6.2.5 benchmark result

DPR 3080-FT/4

DPR 3080-FT/6

76 GH/s
114 GH/s
10.6 GH/s
16 GH/s
240 GH/s
360 GH/s
3.6 MH/s
5.3 MH/s
TrueCrypt RIPEMD160+XTS
2.85 MH/s
4.2 MH/s

Comino password recovery short summary

Simple maintenance. Fast. Reliable. Energy Efficient.

Comino Grando — the best components inside

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